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10 reasons why you should go to Egypt

As you know, Egypt has a number of difficult years behind us; President Hosni Mubarak stepped down and that caused a lot of unrest. But fortunately the beautiful country to be hard again on the way back one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Tourism is picking up again, we think the ideal moment to share with you the top 10 reasons why you should go to Egypt.

1) Most complete vacation destination in the world!

Every country has something that makes it special. What makes Egypt so appealing is that the country has so many attractions that it allowed me to crown the most complete vacation destination in the world. You are visiting Egypt not only for its beautiful beaches, ancient monuments, most colorful underwater world and the large metropolises. No, you also will visit Egypt because of the beautiful desert landscapes, the long rivers and of course remained intact the historic Pyramids.

2) All year round good weather

Whether you visit in winter or in the summer Egypt, it’s always nice weather. If you sit in the North by the stove in your winter sweater Christmas songs listen, you walk in Egypt around the same time in your swimsuit at a temperature of 22 degrees. We do not need to tell you that it is really summer in summer, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees with sunshine.

egypt-pyramids3) Pyramids the only remaining of the seven wonders of the world

When you think of Egypt, you naturally think first of the Pyramids. From childhood to hear and read all about this last remaining of the seven wonders of the world. Where many worldwide destinations offer only a glimpse of the past, you can on the platform at the Pyramids look forward to the wonderful remains of the ancient world. You can ask anyone who has seen it with there own eyes sometimes; The pyramids themselves are only the tip of the iceberg in archaeological area. Equally impressive are: the sacred peaks, the huge cemeteries and royal tombs. You just have to have seen once in your life.

4) Egyptian hospitality

What many people do not know of the beautiful country, but where you quickly finds out when you step off the plane, is the hospitality of the Egyptian. Egypt was of course not elected to anything by Lonely Planet as the most traveler-friendly country in North Africa and the Middle East. Wherever you want to go, it does not matter. You will be in an extremely friendly manner in a professional and safe way to one of the many tourist attractions. No Tuk Tuk-like scenes in Bangkok.

5) Mother of Civilizations

Egypt is a blend of civilizations: the Pharaohs, Nubians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Copts, Arabs, Mamelukes and Ottomans all played a role in the history of Egypt. This is also the reason for the architectural richness. You have to make little effort to run the tracks of these great civilizations throughout the country.

old-cataract-36) Good for your wallet

All well and good, all the different things you must have seen in Egypt. But of course it is nice if a little is affordable. And let Egypt be right now one of the most affordable vacation destinations. Lots of little we would say. Do not believe it? Take a look at the wide range of packages and learn that a complete vacation with your family (or alone) does not have to be expensive.

7) The fish swim around … there are infinite.

The underwater world in Egypt is at least as beautiful as the one above. Not for nothing it is THE destination for divers and snorkelers who have seen it at all underwater area. If you the first time you dive or snorkel equipment have taken a look under water, you have to blink a few times with your eyes to believe it’s really true what you see. Almost 800 kilometers long with the greatest diversity of flora and fauna. The most beautiful coral reefs, dolphins that swim around you and all the colorful fishes you give the impression you are in a beautiful dream. Good news; you’re not dreaming.

8) Infinite luxury and top resorts

I said it earlier; Egypt is good for your wallet. Book the most luxurious hotels and resorts (eg. Four Seasons, Intercontinental and Movenpick) for three star prices. Egyptian hotel and resort staff are known to do everything to give you a fantastic stay. They are only satisfied if you after your holiday is said to have had a world time.

sofitel-cairo-29) It’s safe

We think there are plenty of reasons to be called again very soon to take a look at Egypt. But we have not yet talked about the safety. Because of all what happened around the world, the security is tightened.

10) All settled

We think you now understand why Egypt should be your next holiday destination. Then it is of course useful to know who is going to build this dream trip for you. So book your trip to a specialist such as Eye of Horus Tours, so you dont have to worry about anything. We ensure that you will be picked up and delivered anywhere and at any time you can fall back on your Native language-speaking guides.

Package tours, cruises and combined tours

We have package tours through Egypt where you see all the old artefacts. We have designed these packages based on many years of experience in adapting to customers’ wishes.

No trip to Egypt is complete without a cruise on the timeless Nile!  You can tour the Nile by modern cruise ships or by felucca, the traditional sailboat of Egypt.

Day tours

If you miss something to do in your package tour or if you chose a holiday at the Red Sea and look for some exitement, we can offer many different daytours. Whether you are looking for some historical sites or some exitement, we have a tour for you.